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For all you Troll ladies!
Got my makeup order in from MorganaCryptoria , did some quick swatches to share. (pardon the blurriness, didn’t have time to pull out the tripod) These were all done with one quick swipe and no primer/base/lip liner just to show the raw color. Their gel lipstick line has the most perfect color for Kanaya. From left to right we’ve got their gel lipsticks in Creeping Vine, Miss Jupiter, Miss Jupiter with Sapphires & Violets lipgloss on top, and Hemlock. Got the blue for Vriska, but it seemed a bit dark to me so I tried it with some lipgloss I’d gotten from them previously to lighten it up. The hemlock is just a standard black (bought it for Terezi & Lalonde, was also testing out some of their eyeshadows in that shot) All the lipsticks are fairly matte, though the Miss Jupiter seems to have more sheen than the others. Definitely recommend Morgana for obscure lipstick colors!