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Anonymous: i apologize if you've already answered this, but what makeup did you buy to do your orange davesprite makeup?

I don’t think I’ve actually answered this one on tumblr! I use Paradise Pro AQ cups in orange. I also use Liquiset to activate it instead of water. I put on a dusting of starblend in orange as a top coat to even out the paradise pro before the barrier sprays. (I use mehron barrier spray, colorset powder, and urban decay all night spray.) Emphasising the sprays because I’ve never had mine rub off even on my hands. Withstood the test of passing out on a friend’s bed in Sollux and nothing rubbed off at all. xD (I use the same things for my troll makeups but in grey) Oh and I also use Peach Cobbler lipstick from MorganaCryptoria for my lips, and lip chic lip sealer to keep it in place!

Whew okay I think i covered everything. xD