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miiotori replied to your post: SIGHS LOUDLY maybe i should make an faq link on…

I dont think you mentioned what kind of makeup you used in the FAQ uvu I am curious as well. I am using Mehron for my own Davesprite cosplay.

oh was it not in the tutorial? my b, i know ive answered it before though, it’s right here


I’m sorry everyone’s asking. We’re just all curious as to how you put together your Davesprite cosplay, which is amazing might I say. We, I at the least, want to have Davesprite cosplay that could be at least half as fantastic as yours. I love you Zippyc so on behalf of everyone else, I appologise for everyone asking about it, you’re just one of those cosplay role-models that everyone asks for help from! ♥

it’s not the asking! I really really don’t mind answering any questions about cosplay construction, i actually quite enjoy giving tips on makeup and such. it’s just the….same question being asked over and over and over that i’ve answered many times and i have a big list of tags that are easy to go through and look at before asking is all u__u

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then you need to make a 10 hour long directors cut edition where its just you laying around in a mess of feathers and fabric crying for hours because cosplay is hard

LMAO i could make a video 9 hours long just of me sobbing over clipping those feathers and watching shitty old movies like the crow and eating a lot of jellybeans which is p much how i spent the week before the con